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Wonders of Perú 15 Days Tour

Wonders of Perú is a unique and unforgettable experience. 15 days traveling through the most remarkable natural regions of Peru, the coast and the Andes. Visit the charmming Huacachina oasis in the middle of Nazca dessert, enjoy the Buggies on the sandboard by dunes of Ica, flight above the Nazca lines and discover its mystery,  visit the Islas Ballestas and admire it’s marine wildlife. In the Andes, explore the ancient Cusco city, the famous rainbow mountain of 7 colours, the incas city of Machupicchu, the sacred valley, the last inka rope bridge Q’eswachaka, astonish yourself in Moray and Humantay lagoon with its turquoise crystal waters & the impressive rainbow mountain with its spectacular views of the Andes.



Lima gives travellers a chance to experience a city that is vibrant, dynamic, full of history, culture, museums, boutiques, and that offers amazing Pacific sunsets. The cherry on top – Lima is a melting pot metaphor come to life and reflected in its internationally recognized cuisine.


Departure at 7:00 am with direction to Ica, the city of Ica is the capital of the Department of Ica in southern Peru. While the area was long inhabited by varying cultures of indigenous peoples, the Spanish conquistador Gerónimo Luis de Cabrera claimed its founding in 1563 We will arrive at 12:30 pm, free time for lunch, from 14.30 a 16: 30 horas we will experience the Buggies y sandboarding.


– Private transport Lima hotel – Ica

– Buggies & Sandboarding tour

– Professional guide from Ica


Depart at 6.00am. At 10.00 am we will head to experience the Nazca lines; the lines are a group of very large geoglyphs formed by depressions or shallow incisions made in the soil of the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. They were created between 500 BCE and 500 CE. Most lines run straight across the landscape, but there are also figurative designs of animals and plants, made up of lines. The figures vary in complexity. Hundreds are simple lines and geometric shapes; more than 70 are zoomorphic designs of animals such as a hummingbird, spider, fish, llama, jaguar, monkey, lizard, dog and a human.

At 13.00 pm We head towards Ica- paracas (Lunch place)

At 17.00 pm we have overnight in Paracas.


– Private transport Nazca – paracas

– Professional local guide (English language).

– Nazca lines flight


At 7:30 am we Will have a unique tour on the Ballestas island, the Peruvian Galapagos. This paradise of marine wildlife is composed largely of rock formations, these islands are an important sanctuary for marine fauna like the guanay guano bird, the blue-footed booby and the tendril. Other notable species include Humboldt penguins and two varieties of seals (fur seals and sea lions), amongst other mammals.

At 11:00 am in the morning we will enter to Paracas national reserved area, The Paracas Peninsula is a desert peninsula within the boundaries of the Paracas National Reserve, a marine reserve which extends south along the coast. The only marine reserve in Peru, it is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. The peninsula is located within the Paracas

At 14.30 pm we return back to paracas city.

Around 16.00 pm we return back to Lima. Arriving at 20.00 pm hours.

Overnight near the airport,


– Ballestas Island with boat and specialized guide.

– Paracas National reserved with transport and local guide.

– Private transport from Paracas – lima

DAY 06.- LIMA – CUSCO (Arrival to Cusco city)

Today we arrive into Cusco city, one of the oldest capital cities in Latin America, the capital city of the Inkan state. We will drive you to your hotel and the rest of the day free time to enjoy an acclimatization.


– Private transport Lima hotel – Lima airport.

– Transfer Cusco Airport – Cusco Hotel (we need to know your arrival flight details)


Free time in the morning, and a very special tour for the afternoon, the city tour from 13.30 pm to 18:35 pm. The whole experience will be accompanied by a professional guide providing interesting and useful information about the attractions same as assisting the group during the experience. The first place to visit is the QORICANCHA the famous Sun temple, a sample of the exquisite Inkan architecture, such temple was the home of the Inkan Gods. Then we will head to Plaza de Armas (Main Square of Cusco city), we’ll walk through typical Inkan and colonial streets.

Continuing with the visit we direct up hill on the top of the slope to visit the next impressive complex which is the Archeological Park of SAQSAYHUAMAN, one of the magnificent constructions by the inka state, believed to be the head of the Puma and Cusco city as the giant body, as describes by some Spanish scholars during the XVI century. Let it amaze you with its perfection in megalithic style, only possibly made with help from the gods or aliens. The sacred temple of Q’enqo will be next, a clear connection with the underground world and the Pachamama (quechua word for Mother land) with its mysticism and sacred sculpted stones that keep great secrets. By observing the walls of PUKA PUKARA complexnext to it there is clearly seen the inka road (there were hundreds of roads during Inkan times) to the ANTISUYO now a days South of Ecuador, we will imagine the important management and administration site it must have been. Finally, TAMBOMACH’AY temple, dedicated to worship crystal water, pure water that has been channelled during Inkan times with direction to Cusco.


  • Official tour guide
  • Private transport
  • Admission tickets to the places to visit


Pick up from hotel at 6.50 am to 7.00 am. Today we will visit MORAY 3500 m.a.s.l. is located at 47 km away from Cusco city. This impressive site is intended to be made as an experimental Inkan greenhouse, formed by 4 massive masonry plateaus of concentric circles like rings, 160 meters depth, and wider as they ascend. The studies have determined that the place was created to adapt different sort of plants to a new variety of new ecosystems as it is very well known the temperature chances gradually when going up or down. Then we will visit MARAS 3.382 m.a.s.l. is located 7 km away from Moray, it was founded in 1.556 by Captain Pedro Ortiz de Orué, ordered by Viceroy Francisco de Toledo. Maras is popular because it has the famous salt mines, which were already used by pre-inka civilizations to exploit the rich soil and obtain the precious salt and earn their living. Around noon we Will stop for Lunch, in the afternoon we will visit OLLANTANYTAMBO Inkan town, unique for its originality and for the fact that people still inhabit in it for more than 500 years, Inkan palaces and residences are still in unstop routine. The archeological complex of Ollantaytambo is considered an unfinished masterpiece, since many building tools where found around the area. In the evening, we will take the train to Machupicchu town, reception and overnight in a hotel in this cosmopolitan town.


  • Official tour guide
  • Private transport
  • Admission tickets to the places to visit
  • Buffet lunch


Early in the morning at 5.00 a.m. we will get ready to go to the Inka citadel of Machupicchu, we will take the bus up to the summit where the magical city lays, accompanied by our professional guide who will share his/her knowledge for about 3 hours and then you will have free time to visit and hike within Machupicchu, chance to climb up the waynapicchu mountain an optional activity on your own. At 1.00 pm return by bus to Machupicchu town or Aguas calientes local town. Around 16.00 pm we return by train to Ollantaytambo and then a private transport from our company will bring you back to Cusco, arriving to Cusco at 20.30 pm


  • Full private transport
  • Professional guide in Machupicchu
  • Admission to Machupicchu
  • Bus return to/from Machupicchu inka city
  • Train return to/from Machupicchu
  • One-night hotel in Machupicchu

EXCLUSIONS All expenses not mentioned


Today we will have a great opportunity to see not much visited places, so that we can enjoy the tranquillity and magic of such monuments. We depart at 9.00 am, the first site to visit is Pisaq, located 1 hour by car from Cusco city, an impressive Inkan complex built in the 15 centuries, we will have time to explore and learn about the ancient live of the rulers and villagers of such incredible monument. Then we will head South of Cusco visiting Tipon, a truly example of master engineering, where we will appreciate the agriculture plateaus and ancestral constructions, as well as the hydraulic fountains built by the Inkas during the 1500 hundreds. The following obligated place to visit is the lagoon of Huacarpay, this is protected natural area very well known for its biodiversity, an small paradise for birds. Then we visit Pikillaqta, a marvellous and gigantic city dated back to the pre-Inkan times. Following our tour, we will visit the village of “Andahuaylillas”, where we will admire the picturesque and beautiful colonial church known as “the small Sistine Chapple of South America”. Fully decorative with exuberant baroque style with beautiful canvases from the 16 & 17 centuries that belonged once to the Cusco school of painting. Around 17.00 pm we will go back to Cusco city.


  • Official tour guide
  • Private transport
  • Admission tickets to the places to visit


Departure from Cusco city early in the morning at 5:00 am, we will drive toward the west side of the region. Driving through Andean valleys such us Anta and Limatambo and eventually we will arrive to Mollepata town. The journey will continue until Soraypampa place where we will have our campsite, we will have breakfast here. Around 10.00 am usually takes 2 hours, we reach the Humantay lagoon, we will appreciate the view of the Humantay snow peak, at 13.00 pm we return to our base camp for lunch. After lunch, for about 1 hour we will have a short walk downhill to Ch’allacancha where we will take our private transport to Cusco city, arriving at 17.00 approximately. Drop you at the hotel.

  • Modality: Adventure, natural and cultural landscape
  • Maximum altitude: 4.500 m.a.s.l.


  • Professional tour guide
  • Private transport
  • Admission to the places to visit
  • Breakfast and lunch


  • Type of tour: adventure, cultural landscape
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Departure: Daily
  • Recommended time: From March – January


We start the tour at 6 o’clock am in the city of Cusco, the trip last approximately 3 hours. A tour experience that will pass through beautiful Andean landscapes and lagoons. A group of small volcanoes gives way to the valley of the Apurimac river and on it we will find the Q’ESWACHAKA, the last rope bridge, built with pure fibre straw using the ancient techniques of the Inkas. We will have plenty of time and a unique opportunity when crossing over it. After the visit, we will return back to your hotel. Several viewpoints along the road will invite us to stop for stunning picture time of the Andean scenery. We will arrive at the city of Cusco around 6.00 pm in the afternoon.


  • Box lunch (picnic).
  • Private transport
  • Professional tour guide


Our tour starts around 5:00 am in the morning in Cusco city, we drive for about 3 hours approximately until we reach the bottom of the famous rainbow mountain. The distance of the hike is approximately 8 km and takes 5 hours approximately. During the hike we will pass by the RED VALLEYS view point and the wonderful RAINBOW MOUNTAIN both places are the highlight of the experience inspiring the creation of such a unique tour. On the way back we will pass next to some beautiful Andean lagoons that reflects the colourful mountains. We will be back in Cusco city at 18:00 pm to 7pm

Departure: Daily


  • Private transport return
  • Professional tour guide
  • Continental Breakfast & snacks
  • Lunch
  • Admission to the National Park


  • Horseback riding, plus horse man & personal medication




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