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¿When is the best season to travel to Rainbow Mountain?

When is the best season to travel to Rainbow Mountain? And what should I bring?, is the most frequent question that travelers ask when deciding to go to this great Place.

The best season to travel to Rainbow Mountain or Mountain of 7 Colors are between the months May to December, is when almost every day you have sunny days with little probability of rainstorms and snow unlike January to April when almost every day there will be rain.

Here are some tips to consider before traveling to Rainbow Mountain.

You need a good acclimatization; To be able to visit the Rainbow Mountain, it is very important to have a good acclimatization, before traveling to Rainbow Mountain we recommend you to make other tours that do not take you to great altitude like: the tour to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, travels first Machupicchu either by train, bus or walks since these trips are made relatively to the same altitude as the city of Cusco.

Check the current weather forecast to see the state of the climate in Rainbow Mountain; The dry season is the most recommendable to visit, however you should know that in the Andes of Peru, even in this season that lasts from May to December sometimes there are presence of snow storms and torrential rains that could spoil your trip.

Hire the tour in an official travel agency; in Cusco there are more than 30 agencies operating this tour, however there are very few that have an official certification for this tour. Do not be surprised that when you have a problem during the trip, go to claim and no longer find the company where you hired the tour as there are people who offer this trip on the street and offer you at very affordable prices.

If you suffer from vertigo we tell you that the route, especially the last stretch is through a fairly narrow road with cliffs up to 200 meters drop. 

Wear warm clothes; wear a good jacket, scarf, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat and good trekking shoes as the trek begins at 4580 meters and you will reach the main viewpoint of Rainbow Mountain located at 5036 meters above sea level. At this altitude the breeze is icy and you will feel very cold.

Take money for emergencies; you may not feel as strong as in the city and you may need to rent a horse. The locals offer saddle horses that will take you from the car park to the base of the mountain.

Mineral water; You don’t need to bring a lot from the city, on the way you will find people who sell mineral water, beer, soft drinks and even hot “Mate de coca” drinks.

What to do when there are storms?

Turn off your electronic device when there are storms; In Rainbow Mountain electric shocks could be very dangerous, there were cases in which tourists were hit by an electric shock and were seriously injured, they could kill you. To avoid this, we recommend turning off electronic devices as they could attract electric shocks.

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