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The conservation of the environment

Peru is very well known for having 84 life zones of the 114 identified in the planet, and AITA TRAVEL is committed to preserve it for the future generations. In order to achieve our mission, our style of work is based on:

– Reducing and recycling during and after every tour

– Preventing deforestation & forest fire

– Avoiding activities that endangers wildlife

– Ensuring drinking local water is kept clear

Our advice for the traveller

While traveling in Peru you should carry your passport as it might be required to show it in order to go through different control points. In addition, we give you the following tips to make your experience much more responsible and rewarded:

– Before traveling, learn about the culture and people – this will help you assimilate the modes of behaviour, dress codes and also give you an insight of ​​the social organization of the areas where you will be traveling.

– Learn some Spanish words; your efforts to communicate will be highly appreciated.

– Purchase local products, by doing it you achieve both the authenticity of a real Peru and the support of local economy.

– Pay a fair price for your local products when shopping and as possible maintain a reasonable sense of negotiation.

– Ask permission before photographing local people.

– Respect traditions and sacred historical sites.

– Peruvian lifestyle will be probably different to yours so being open minded and not judgmental will always open the doors to a real and reciprocal interaction.

– Be aware that Peruvian laws are strict with their ancient historical patrimony so that painting or vandalism on Inkan structures are punished, possibly fined or even jailed.