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Forestry and reforestation

Aita Peru has within his social projects and its policies, the protection and conservation of the environment and nature. For this reason, we have an annual plan of afforestation and reforestation using native trees of our region in the months of November and December.

We invite every traveler to be part of this wonderful experience by leaving a native tree in the Peruvian Andes.

We have all experienced massive forest fires and deforestation all over the world and the Peruvian Andes, especially the Cusco region, are no stranger to this huge problem. People in search of more farmland are burning forests, cutting down trees for industrial reasons, and every year we have less vegetation. In addition to this problem, farmers in the high Andean communities lack knowledge and education regarding environmental protection, burning forests and traditional rose negatively affect our nature. Aita Peru also has a policy of giving talks in bilingual Quechua-Spanish about the protection and conservation of nature.

Every year Aita Peru takes advantage of the rainy season to donate native trees to local villages.

“The Earth is not our planet, it is our home”