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Manu reserve zone 7 Days tour

"Explore the Amazon Rainforest in its purest state: Manu Reserved Zone Tour".

“Immerse yourself in the ultimate Amazon rainforest adventure with our exclusive 7-day Manu Reserved Zone tour! Get ready to explore one of the most biodiverse places on the planet as you delve deep into the virgin rainforest. From majestic waterfalls to lush vegetation and amazing wildlife, each day will lead you to discover new natural treasures. Accompanied by our expert local guides, you will have the opportunity to witness the unparalleled beauty of the Amazon in its purest state. From tropical bird sightings to encounters with emblematic species such as the jaguar and the giant anteater, every moment will be an unforgettable experience!”.


  • Navigate on the Madre de Dios River and observe the caiman, monkeys and birds from a boat.
  • Visit the Matchiguenga native community and share an unforgettable experience.
  • Taste the delicious jungle food and learn how they prepare it.
  • Experienced tour guide will be with you during the tour.


Day 01.- Cusco – Atalaya river port – Ecomanu lodge

We will pick you up from your Hotel at 5:30 am. And  leave Cusco in the morning in our comfortable bus and travel through Mountains, beauty valleys, rural communities and visit Ninamarca Chullpas (tombs); these belong to the pre-Inca culture (Lupacas). Then we will climb up the last mountain and arrive to Acjanaco, this is the entrance to the Manu National Park. Fallowing this we will descend into the mysterious cloud forest, which has a huge variety of flora and fauna, making it an ideal home for epiphytic, orchids and bromeliads. By the afternoon we take a hike in this perpetual cloud forest, where we will be able to see the famous Peruvian bird (Cock of the rock) with their fascinating red colures, and acting in a daily ritual mating dance as well as trogons, quetzal, toucans, monkeys and on a lucky day the only Spectacle Bear of South America (Tremantus ornatus). After passing this beautiful humidity mountain forest and little Amazonian villages we will get Atalaya river port, the main touristic port in Manu National Park, here we get board our motor boat with good save equipment and navigate down this crystalline river of Madre de Dios until our Eco Manu Lodge.

Lunch and Dinner is included.

Day 02.- Eco Manu lodge – Boca Manu lodge

In the morning, you will wake up with the singing of the Amazonian birds and the exuberant Amazonian forest. After our healthy breakfast, we will explore the primary forest, where we will appreciate many colourful birds, like scarlet Macaws, crimson crested woodpecker, bluish fronted jacamar, black tailed trogon, Families of monkeys and peccaries.

Following our excursion we will get board our motor boat and have a log journey down the Madre de Dios river  for 6 hours to Boca Manu lodge. On the way we will have interesting stop for appreciated some Capibaras, red howler monkeys, cormorants, egrets, herons, hawks, etc.

There are no longer remote forests in the world that lives isolated tribes from the outside world. Manu is one of those few privileged Park in the world, where nomadic tribes living gather, hunt and fish.

In Manu we may encounter tribes without contact with the outside world. For several years we have been observing from our boat tribes in initial contact with the civilization called Mashco Piro. Information articles in Survival International, National Geography, BBC and reference photos in our website.

At night fall we can go to explore the forest with our flashlight and search some caimans, frogs, owls, and many other night creatures around the lake. Overnight In our comfortable Dorado lodge.

Day 03.-  Boca Manu lodge – Casa Matsiguenka lodge In Manu Reserve zone

Very early in the morning we will start our expedition, again by boat up the Manu stream, going by the Ranger Station (Limonal).With our permit, here we have to register our entrance to the heart of Manu Park, in the course of the trip carefully searching white caiman, enormous black caiman, hundreds of turtles, giant aquatic guinea pig (capybara), macaws, toucans, falcons and on a luck day an impressive jaguar (Pantera onca). In this last 15 years Jaguar population is increasing in Manu Park and now is the second best place in the word to watch and photograph in the wild this elusive cat.

After five hour exploring the Manu river, we arrive at the typical Matsiguenka lodge at mid-afternoon.  By the afternoon we going to organize our equipment and hike thought different path around the lodge. Searching different groups of monkeys, and bush turkeys. Overnight in Matsiguenka lodge.

Breackfast, Lunch and Dinner is included.

Day 04.-  Casa Matsiguenka lodge

The most dynamic place of wildlife, from the lodge we will walk through this virgin forest for one hour and then we will explore one of the most beautiful oxbow lake (Cocha Salvador).  Here with the help of a catamaran, binoculars and our Telescope.  We will see a huge variety of colourful birds, group of black spider monkeys brown capuchin monkeys, emperor tamarin monkeys and one of the large reptile 4 or 5 meter  black caimans and the family of Giant otters (Pteronura brasiliensis). This endangered species can be seen swimming, fishing, eating and playing.

At mind afternoon we get board our boat and slowly driving up the Manu stream, we start exploring with our naturalist guide and two experts locals guides. Carefully we will search the king of the Amazon Jaguar (Panthera onca).

At night fall we can explore the forest with good flashlights looking, insects, snakes, frogs or go moonlight caiman spotting on the lake overnight in Matsiguenka lodge.

Day 05.-  Casa Matsiguenka lodge – Boca Manu lodge.

After our breakfast,  everything it will be ready in the boat and then will have a short boat ride, to Otorongo Oxbow lake, where is an observation platform of 25 meter high and observe kapok trees, mahogany, rubber trees, cedar and it is home of several mammals that are occasionally encountered like Brown capuchin monkeys, black spider monkeys and some wild pigs.

Return to the boat and slowly go down the interesting Manu river, giving us the best chance to see some migratory birds like osprey, jabirus, wood stork, and on the floating dead trees we will see hundreds of turtles. On the way back we will stop again in Limonal for our check out and then continue by boat to Dorado lodge.

Day 06.- Boca Manu lodge – Eco Manu lodge .

Early start and after 10 minute walking along the river side, we will reach a small colpa (wall of clay with mineral soils) in the river bank, where hundred noisy parakeets, parrots and small macaws come to feed on mineral soil and salt supplement that they find in the clay. After this fantastic beautiful display we take our healthy breakfast in the lodge.

Today we are going to continue our trip up the Madre de Dios river in our comfortable boat having great views of the Andes and on the way we will stop in aguas calientes (Hot springs in Manu). Time for relax and swimming in the amazon. After our Amazonian tipycal lunch we are going to continue for 2 hour and half by boat up the stream until our ECO MANU lodge.

In the afternoon and after our tea time we going on direction to the mammal clay lick, this is an special place that exist in the Amazon rainforest just 30 minutes walking into the forest we will reach a big wooden platform over 4m high, is the hid that sits in front of the lick enables you to see various mammals like the Brazilian Tapir, peccaries and Deer. The observation platform includes Matrass mosquito net for wait until the arrival of the mammals. This is a truly fascinating and unforgettable experience in which you are completely one with nature, sleeping among the trees and listening to the nearby animal sounds.

Day 07.-  Eco Manu lodge – Cusco city.

After our breakfast, we will get board our motor and drive just for 20 minute up the stream until to get the tiny river port of Atalaya, where our bus will be waiting for us and drive back to Cusco, on the way we may stop frequently to observe some birds in the cloud forest. We will get back to Cusco at 17:00 p.m. approx.

Enclussion / Exclussion


  • Naturalist Professional Guide in English and Spanish. Telescope, binocular, lamps and specialist books.
  • Land and river private transportation (very comfortable).
  • Lodging 2 people in room. In typical and local comfortable Lodge.
  • Three meals per day (vegetarian option) & snacks. Prepared by our dedicated staff with fresh fruits and typical products from the rain forest.
  • Entrance fees to the Mammal clay lick and parrot clay lick
  • First aid kit.
  • Mineral water.
  • Rubber boots.
  • Guide books about Manu and checklist.


  • Soft, drinks and beer.
  • Entrance fees to Reserved Zone (USD $ 60. per person)
  • Entrance to the hot spring. ($ 3. Per person)
  • Sleeping bag for the mammal clay lick this can be rented in Cusco in our office s/ 10.


What to bring?

  • Lightweight long sleeve cotton shirts, long pants, one pair of walking shoes, sandals, towel, swimming suit, rain jacket and personal medicines.
  • Day pack and a back pack person.
  • Binocular, camera with a good zoom for the inner forest.
  • Insect repellent at least 20 % of deet, sunglasses, sun cream lotion and cap or hat.
  • Flashlight enough batteries.

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