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The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism has created a policy against sexual exploitation of children and adolescents (ESNNA).

The ESNNA code and AITA PERU have an agreement for joint actions to prevent and eradicate this problem.

The ESNNA Programme and Our Commitment

The programme on policy for social development and protection of vulnerable populations, indigenous and native communities is a positive and comprehensive initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur).

It aims to sensitise and train all sectors in our country, with the objective of preventing and ultimately eliminating the sexual exploitation of minors.

Recently our company has obtained the CALTUR – Level 2 and Mincetur certifications, AITA PERU is aligned with the most demanding government regulations for the optimal quality of our tourism services.

The ESNNA programme requires adherence to a Code of Conduct, which is signed with Mincetur. It requires the company to disseminate this initiative, its standards and objectives. It also requires adequate training of staff and suppliers. Of course, the company commits itself to work according to all the requirements of the Code.

Unfortunately, child trafficking is a critical problem in Peru, but it is being combated.

 Through responsible and ethical tourism AITA PERU brings development, activates the local economy and improves the standard of living in the tourist destinations we offer to travellers. Our commitment to the ESNNA programme also means that we contribute to reducing and eradicating the sexual exploitation of minors.

Concrete Actions – ESNNA Code and AITA PERU

Adherence to the Code of Conduct of the ANSEAN programme commits us to implement a series of ongoing actions that are carried out and reinforced as part of our activities.

– Our office staff, as well as the logistics staff (guides, cooks, drivers, etc.) are already duly trained to contribute to the Code of Conduct to the tourist, whether national or foreign, it is strictly forbidden to offer or agree to any request regarding sex tourism with children or adolescents, for ethical and legal reasons.

– We act in conjunction with our strategic partners (hotels, restaurants, and all staff who are involved in the field of work) to ensure that the objectives and commitments to the CSEC programme are met in all sectors and stages of the tourism services we provide.

– All of AITA PERU, as partners in our operations, are committed to enforce the ENNSA Code of Conduct and to report any suspicious indications to the authorities.

– As an added value to the commitment to a policy of social responsibility in AITA PERU, we contribute to the welfare of children in our country, bringing constant income to families in our tourist destinations and also supporting children on special occasions, such as school supplies and personal hygiene for children in the remote Apurimac Cusco basin.

Papallacta Community and the revaluation of their Andean customs for the empowerment of women and mothers who take care of their children and adolescents.

– We also have for our passengers our professional guides for travelling with children and finally, an illustrative article on travelling with children and families to Machupichu.

The actions of the ESNNA and AITA PERU code highlight and have as a priority within our social responsibility policies the following.

– We seek to make tourism an activity that benefits local populations, the region and the country, in accordance with our mission, vision and corporate values.

– For more information, you can review our article about our commitment to responsible tourism. Read also more reasons to travel with AITA PERU and choose us as your travel agency.