Our Team

Our tour guides are qualified professionals, with knowledge of English and Quechua languages, competent in Cusco and surrounding areas, some of them also accompany our groups throughout Peru. They all attend annual training in first aid, mountain rescue, treatment of problems related to altitude sickness. also constantly updated and expanded their knowledge in history, archeology, flora, fauna, etc..

The manager – Hilaria

Having worked as a counter and then as a professional guide for a variety of travel agents, Hilaria decided to use her experience and her knowledge in tourism joining this concept of solidarity, by creating AITA PERU with Ider.

In 2010 Hilaria decided to create a travel and tourism company “AYAR INKA TRAVEL ADVENTURES PERU” and may use the initials as “AITA PERU”, legally established, with the aim of providing quality service and unique experiences working in the item that most passionate.

AITA PERU company is part of responsible and experiential tourism project called Ayar Inka, an organization created and run by a group of friends, non-profit which leads Hilaria, the name was chosen motivated and inspired by Paruro province, that bears the name of “the land of the Ayar siblings” (founders of Cusco and who gave rise to the inkas legend). Ayar Inka has as main objective to develop solidarity tourism and the cultivation of a permanent school organic garden in the town of Paruro, being his greatest desire to expand the project as many villages were possible.

Our main office

Directed by Hilaria, Ider and Elias, the office is the point from which tourists can get all the details on tours, attractions, what to do, what to see and what to eat. They also organize transfers from / to the hotel, as well as permanent and personalized assistance to visiting tourists who trust AITA PERU.

We all strive to improve solidarity and sustainable tourism!

Main Office:
Arcopata Nº 33 – Cusco
Tel. 0051-984207791
RPM * 0079362